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Academics and alchemists: hitting gold in research dissemination

These days, dissemination of academic research is a core part of any academics’ responsibilities, often with little resource to help. How do you do yours? And how does it all really work? Read on for five simple steps to help.

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Writing a paper? Steal some ideas from storytellers

Recently, I have spent a lot of time sighing over papers I have been asked to review, usually scribbling furiously in various margins “WHAT IS THE STORY HERE?” In team meetings, we often plan out papers by sketching out “the story” – what it is we want people to understand and take away from this …read more

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The art of making PowerPoint look good

As my colleagues are well aware, I am a pedant. I find this a particularly useful characteristic when it comes to writing research papers. Tables and figures need to be accurate and clear. Layout of the text must be consistent. I am a stickler for grammar (even blogs, to a degree; yes, I am a …read more

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The (sort of) essential guide to writing a grant application

There’s a slightly painful time in any researcher’s career when they realise they won’t always be showered with money by their lovely Professors for ever. Of course, the sensible (or unfortunate) amongst you may have realised (or experienced) this from the outset. Whichever way, it turns out that at some point you – yes, you …read more

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Feeling disorganised? You are not alone

…in her office there were such quantities of lecture notes, letters and other documents lying around that it was like standing amidst a flood of paper. On the desk, which was both the origin and the focal point of this amazing profusion of paper, a virtual paper landscape had come into being in the course …read more

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Recruiting patients to research? Our top tips on working that waiting room…

Recruiting patients can be difficult at the best of times, but how about when you only have a few minutes to explain the study, in a GP’s surgery waiting room, and you are asking for the person’s consultation with the doctor to be video recorded? Well, in short, it’s tricky. So, we thought we would …read more

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Reviewing a paper? Here’s what I do!

Following on from the storming success of my random thoughts on revising a paper, I thought I would treat everyone to a Part II: what do I do when reviewing a paper? To set the scene, try reading this classic paper by Peters and Ceci, in which they took recently published papers, added fictitious author …read more

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Revising a paper? Here’s what I do…

The first paper I ever submitted to a journal was accepted without revision. Brilliant. Choose a journal, write the paper, send it in, sorted. Oh, my poor deluded younger self. Imagine my surprise when my next paper was summarily rejected, painfully revealing the reality of Getting Your Paper Published. Somewhere. Anywhere! Now well versed in …read more

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Significantly significant?

A complaint often levelled at medical research is that far more focus is given to statistical significance than clinical significance. In fact I saw a tweet a few weeks ago deploring the situation. This made me think why this is the case. The short answer is that we have some fairly well established thinking about …read more

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Applying for NHS Ethics approval – key tips

So, you’re planning a research project and you want to conduct it in NHS settings – so you need NHS Ethical approval. Doing this for the first time (or even second or third!) can be a rather daunting task so I thought I’d share my experience with you. I have always found that the key …read more

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