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Academics and alchemists: hitting gold in research dissemination

These days, dissemination of academic research is a core part of any academics’ responsibilities, often with little resource to help. How do you do yours? And how does it all really work? Read on for five simple steps to help.

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Making things better in healthcare organisation and delivery – Professor Mary Dixon-Woods arrives at CCHSR

Mary Dixon-Woods has arrived as the new RAND Professor of Health Services Research, taking the reigns from the eminent Prof Martin Roland. Here she reflects on her research journey to date, and the opportunities CCHSR offers for new research directions.

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Prof Mary Dixon-Woods: new RAND Professor of Health Services Research

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Prof Mary Dixon-Woods will be taking up the RAND Professorship of Health Services Research at the University of Cambridge. She is joining us from the University of Leicester, where she has led the SAPPHIRE (Social science APPlied to Healthcare Improvement REsearch) research group in the Department of Health …read more

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Simons Stevens, Chief Executive of the NHS, gives our annual lecture

For a summary of Simon Steven’s lecture, see our Storify. The Chief Executive of the NHS, Stevens last night gave our annual CCHSR lecture. He talked to a packed room of medics, academics, voluntary sector and policy representatives about “future directions” of the NHS – or in fact health care more generally.

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Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of the NHS, to give CCHSR Annual Lecture

We’re delighted to announce details of November’s CCHSR Annual Lecture…

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Asking the right questions

One of the great things about Twitter is that you get to read other peoples’ takes on things. Matthew Hankins, for example, posts people’s interpretations of p-values (under the hashtag #stillnotsignificant), which are more entertaining than you might think. A few weeks ago he posted the conclusion from a paper which read: “we were quite …read more

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Writing a paper? Steal some ideas from storytellers

Recently, I have spent a lot of time sighing over papers I have been asked to review, usually scribbling furiously in various margins “WHAT IS THE STORY HERE?” In team meetings, we often plan out papers by sketching out “the story” – what it is we want people to understand and take away from this …read more

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Online surveys and my data

So, I started doing online polls for money because Suzanna at the BHRU said that this was how she recruited her study participants. For those of you interested it doesn’t pay very well. I have been filling in polls for about 6 months now and have still not yet reached the threshold where they actually …read more

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Top Health Policy Think Tank in the World!

Well well well, it’s celebrations here at CCHSR at this momentous achievement…

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What I read on the internet (Part V): prescribing information

Not as many links to Mumsnet this time, but just in case of interest here are some places where prescribing information or data sets for individuals, GP practices or countries can be found. INDIVIDUALS Prescribing for individuals can be purchased from commercial primary care data bases (expensive ++): QResearch http://www.qresearch.org/SitePages/Home.aspx Thin http://www.ucl.ac.uk/pcph/research-groups-themes/thin-pub/database CPRD http://www.cprd.com/intro.asp The …read more

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