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Online surveys and my data

So, I started doing online polls for money because Suzanna at the BHRU said that this was how she recruited her study participants. For those of you interested it doesn’t pay very well. I have been filling in polls for about 6 months now and have still not yet reached the threshold where they actually …read more

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What I read on the internet (Part V): prescribing information

Not as many links to Mumsnet this time, but just in case of interest here are some places where prescribing information or data sets for individuals, GP practices or countries can be found. INDIVIDUALS Prescribing for individuals can be purchased from commercial primary care data bases (expensive ++): QResearch http://www.qresearch.org/SitePages/Home.aspx Thin http://www.ucl.ac.uk/pcph/research-groups-themes/thin-pub/database CPRD http://www.cprd.com/intro.asp The …read more

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Big data

With big data arriving on the scene for health care, we can take a slightly smaller look at some of data on health service performance that is increasingly being made public in the UK. What does it mean for me as a patient? Well it means that there are now lots of websites where you …read more

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Changes over time in socio-economic inequalities in cancer survival. Can “Victora’s law” help us?

We are often pre-occupied with health care inequalities ‘here and now’. But how are such inequalities generated? And more importantly, what happens to them over time? The answer to these questions can help us to narrow inequalities faster. And in principle, it could even help us in preventing inequalities form occurring in the first place.

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Validity of electronic records on ethnicity – and more generally

Increasingly, health research relies on electronic health records and Big Data. On the other side of the argument methodologists like John Ioannidis are questioning the epistemological fitness of administrative data. A more tamed approach would be to acknowledge that electronic records are likely to contain errors, but such errors are unlikely to be systematic. In …read more

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What’s all the fuss about ‘big data’?

Big data seems to be the new catch word. What’s so special about it and why does it matter? ‘Big data’ refers to datasets so large that it becomes difficult to process them using conventional methods. Big datasets arise partly from ‘big science’, for example astrophysics and genetics. They also arise from measurements of human …read more

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