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Seven day access – policy goes in the wrong direction – again!

Politicians just don’t get it. They are (and have been for years) obsessed with increasing access to GPs. And of course it sounds good for elections. But it’s not what the population needs. Increasing access comes at the expense of continuity of care. You can’t see your own doctor and expect him or her to …read more

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Lost in translation: the impact of medical jargon on patient-centred care

In the days before BuzzFeed, amusing adverts snapped abroad by would-be photojournalists were a staple of email circulars. Who could forget the Chinese KFC ad that translated “finger-lickin’ good” to “eat your fingers off”, or the Italian campaign for “Schweppes toilet water”? Of course, you don’t have to go overseas to be met with mutual …read more

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How can we improve GP access?

A recent study led by researchers from the CCHSR, in collaboration with our Exeter colleagues, has found that poor access to GPs during normal working hours is associated with increased out of hours primary care use. In this study using data from about 567,000 patients in the 2011/12 GP Patient Survey, we found that: Inconvenient …read more

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Changes over time in socio-economic inequalities in cancer survival. Can “Victora’s law” help us?

We are often pre-occupied with health care inequalities ‘here and now’. But how are such inequalities generated? And more importantly, what happens to them over time? The answer to these questions can help us to narrow inequalities faster. And in principle, it could even help us in preventing inequalities form occurring in the first place.

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So, what should we expect from out-of-hours care?

Out of hours care can’t seem to get much right at the moment, at least in the media. We commented only recently on the Patient’s Association report which sparked this, in which a survey (note: of their members and supporters) found that 54% “were not satisfied with the service they received from an NHS out-of-hours …read more

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You can’t always get what you want…

There has been a flurry of interest in the recent Patient Association report “Primary Care: Access Denied?”, based on a survey of members and supporters of that association: see for example the write up from BBC News. Patients need to understand that if they want GPs to be available round the clock, they will be …read more

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