GP Patient Survey

Since 2010, members of CCHSR, in collaboration with the University of Exeter and RAND, have carried out extensive research on patient experience using data from the national GP Patient Survey. This survey is currently sent to over 2.5 million NHS patients annually who are registered with a GP practice (it was 5 million annually up to 2011). Our analyses have covered issues as diverse as:

  • reliability and validity of the survey
  • patient experience in minority groups (including minority ethnic and LGBT groups)
  • the determinants of inter-personal continuity of care
  • whether scores at practice level associated with variation in clinical quality scores.

This work is led collaboratively by Professor Martin Roland (Cambridge), Professor John Campbell (Exeter) and Dr Marc Elliott (RAND Corporation).

A full list of all analyses and outputs, including those on the related Cancer Patient Experience Survey, may be downloaded here.