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Is an intensive treatment regimen for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients cost-effective? Economic evaluation of the 5-year results of the ADDITION study.

A new paper in Diabetic Medicine reports an economic evaluation of the ADDITION study, based on the five year follow-up data.  The Anglo-Danish-Dutch study of Intensive Treatment In peOple with screeN detected diabetes (ADDITION) is a prospective randomised controlled trial of screening and intensive treatment of newly diagnosed type-2 diabetes patients. The five-year outcomes, published …read more

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CCHSR is recruiting Health Economists

We are expanding our team of health economists and wish to recruit two health economists, one at the University of Cambridge and one at RAND Europe.

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Keeping Cochrane reviews up-to-date

The Cochrane Collaboration is an organisation that conducts systematic reviews of healthcare interventions.  The idea is that they are updated periodically (every 2 years) so that they provide the best evidence on what works and what doesn’t. After 21 years of existence, the Cochrane Library now holds over 6000 reviews by some 20,000 volunteer authors.  …read more

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Reducing Waste in Research

In 2009, Chalmers and Glasziou published a study claiming that up to 80% of research is wasted. They further identified various points in the research process at which the waste occurs, including failures to ask the ‘right’ questions, use of inappropriate study designs and methods, selective publication of the results and failure to adequately report …read more

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The cost of smoking breaks at work… compared with what?

According to a report in today’s Guardian (Monday 3rd March), smoking breaks at work “cost British businesses £8.4bn a year”, or £1815 per smoking employee. But compared with what, and would we really see that much of a boost to the economy if smoking were eliminated? Ed Wilson takes a closer look at the figures.

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Decisions, decisions…

So this is my first blog for CCHSR, and I guess it’s an opportunity to introduce myself and my subject. I’m a health economist which means, as the title suggests, that I apply the principles of economics to health and the health care sector. But what is economics I hear you ask? Isn’t it just …read more

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