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Reducing Waste in Research

In 2009, Chalmers and Glasziou published a study claiming that up to 80% of research is wasted. They further identified various points in the research process at which the waste occurs, including failures to ask the ‘right’ questions, use of inappropriate study designs and methods, selective publication of the results and failure to adequately report …read more

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How might we harness the power of patient experience to drive improvements in care?

Much more can be done to use patient experience as a driver for improving quality of care, so say Angela Coulter and colleagues in a thoughtful BMJ analysis. So, where do we start? Professor Coulter and colleagues advocate for a national institute of ‘user’ experience. Indeed, this could provide a catalyst for bringing together different …read more

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Online surveys and my data

So, I started doing online polls for money because Suzanna at the BHRU said that this was how she recruited her study participants. For those of you interested it doesn’t pay very well. I have been filling in polls for about 6 months now and have still not yet reached the threshold where they actually …read more

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Want to assess doctors’ communication skills? Introducing the Global Consultation Rating Scale (or GCRS, for short)

CCHSR researchers publish a new scale to evaluate the communication quality of consultations – read more for full details

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The cost of smoking breaks at work… compared with what?

According to a report in today’s Guardian (Monday 3rd March), smoking breaks at work “cost British businesses £8.4bn a year”, or £1815 per smoking employee. But compared with what, and would we really see that much of a boost to the economy if smoking were eliminated? Ed Wilson takes a closer look at the figures.

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Mr Hunt goes mad about the French

This week we had the unusual sight of an English Secretary of State for Health going over to France to get ideas about how to run our health services. It was all about dementia, and apparently the French are much better about diagnosing dementia than we are (perhaps because they have more neurologists). However, the …read more

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