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Conference report: Madingley SAPC 2014

“Madingley“, as the shorthand goes, is just such a nice conference. Officially the “Society for Academic Primary Care London and South East Regional Conference”, held at Madingley Hall just outside Cambridge, it brings together primary care types predominantly from London and East Anglia universities for a bit of R&R and a smattering of work. This …read more

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A symple lesson?

Hypertension is a huge public health problem, and contributes significantly to the development of cardiovascular disease. The mainstays of treatment are lifestyle measures and a range of common pharmacological agents such as ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers and diuretics. The general approach to managing hypertension is, the lower the blood pressure, the better. However, a …read more

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Should you blame your patient case-mix for poor performance in patient experience surveys?

There is an unprecedented amount of publicly reported data about what patients think of their care experience in different NHS hospitals. But not uncommonly information on hospital performance in respect of patient experience fails to influence the behaviour of clinicians and managers responsible for improving care delivery.

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What I have been reading on the internet (Part IV)

So this week I have been reading the internet (and, for any of my bosses reading this, please note also working). I liked Nigel Praities (@nigelpraities) in Pulse yesterday who highlighted the news about a proposal that the NHS ring fenced budget be removed, that female doctors are considered a burden to the NHS and …read more

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