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The art of making PowerPoint look good

As my colleagues are well aware, I am a pedant. I find this a particularly useful characteristic when it comes to writing research papers. Tables and figures need to be accurate and clear. Layout of the text must be consistent. I am a stickler for grammar (even blogs, to a degree; yes, I am a …read more

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Decisions, decisions…

So this is my first blog for CCHSR, and I guess it’s an opportunity to introduce myself and my subject. I’m a health economist which means, as the title suggests, that I apply the principles of economics to health and the health care sector. But what is economics I hear you ask? Isn’t it just …read more

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What I read on the internet (Part III)

Having managed to mention Mumsnet in CCHSR blogs here, here, and here, and given the signs of the remarkable force of online campaigns by the pro e-cigarette lobby which we find in the BMJ this week, I am inclined to speculate that these campaigns appear to have arrived on Mumsnet too  with a remarkably pro …read more

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The (sort of) essential guide to writing a grant application

There’s a slightly painful time in any researcher’s career when they realise they won’t always be showered with money by their lovely Professors for ever. Of course, the sensible (or unfortunate) amongst you may have realised (or experienced) this from the outset. Whichever way, it turns out that at some point you – yes, you …read more

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