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Medication safety and the real world of general practice

Clinical trials are carefully designed to establish the efficacy and safety of new drugs. But how relevant are they to the real-world setting of general practice? And what can general practice do to try and help research into drug safety?

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Big data

With big data arriving on the scene for health care, we can take a slightly smaller look at some of data on health service performance that is increasingly being made public in the UK. What does it mean for me as a patient? Well it means that there are now lots of websites where you …read more

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Top tips for measuring patient experience

Surveys measuring patient experience in health care can provide important information on how care looks ‘through the patients’ eyes’. Organisations (big and small) are now routinely using patient reported experience as part of a ‘tool kit’ to measure and monitor quality of care. But getting started can be a bit of a minefield! Here are …read more

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Feeling disorganised? You are not alone

…in her office there were such quantities of lecture notes, letters and other documents lying around that it was like standing amidst a flood of paper. On the desk, which was both the origin and the focal point of this amazing profusion of paper, a virtual paper landscape had come into being in the course …read more

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