So what do I read on the internet?

I have two small children and don’t get out much in the evening.

Obviously Mumsnet for debates about the use of social media to evaluate patient experience and debates about the use of randomised controlled trials for evaluating policy changes kicked off by Ben Goldacre (I think that the randomised roll out of policy is a fantastic idea and allows evaluation of the impact of changes that are made).

Much of my work at the moment is the quantitative analysis of data from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey but, moving from a survey with a sample size of about 70,000 to the moving experience of an individual patient with cancer, I have been reading the story of Kate Granger through her book and via twitter.

Clearly I also look out for interviews by our very own Professor Roland about emergency admissions, and blogs from Professor Spiegelhalter about risk or ways to implement Stata commands via Statalist…

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