About us

The Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (CCHSR) is a collaboration between two leading health care research groups: the Health Services Research Group based in the Institute of Public Health at the University of Cambridge, and the Health and Healthcare Group based at RAND Europe. Together, we form a collective of over twenty researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds, brought together with the common aim of informing policy through evidence-based research on health services, both in the UK and internationally. The groups are led by Martin Roland, Professor of Health Services Research at the University of Cambridge and Tom Ling, Senior Research Leader on the Evaluation and Performance Audit team at RAND Europe.

Our predominant focus is on (a) measuring quality of health care, (b) evaluating approaches and policies for improving health care delivery, and (c) analysing population health outcomes. For example, current areas of research include approaches to improve patient experience in primary care, socio-economic variation in cancer outcomes and their link to the quality of health services, and international health care comparisons to inform health policy developments in England. A key strength is the diversity of disciplines and skills within the Centre, with members coming from backgrounds including medicine, psychology, sociology, statistics, health services research, public health, public policy and engineering. A major function of the Centre is to share ideas and expertise between the groups, and we run a regular internal seminar programme alongside more informal meetings. As well as each group’s own programme of research, at any time the Centre has a number of collaborative projects funded across both groups.

About RAND Europe

RAND Europe is an independent not-for-profit policy research institute and an affiliate of the US-based RAND Corporation. Their mission is to help improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. From their base in Cambridge and an office in Brussels, RAND Europe work to inform policymaking across Europe. Their interdisciplinary and cross-cutting research covers a range of areas both topical and methodological. Clients include European governments and institutions, third sector organisations, academic bodies and private sector firms with a need for quality-assured, impartial research and analysis.

About the Institute of Public Health

The Institute of Public Health is a strategic partnership between the NHS, MRC and the University of Cambridge. The University members of the Institute, including the Primary Care Unit where the Health Services Research Group is based, together form the Department of Public Health and Primary Care. This Department is one of Europe’s leading academic departments of population health sciences. The Department’s overall research objective is to generate scientific evidence that will inform the prevention of premature death and disability, the promotion of health, and provide evidence to inform health policy.

  • We are a rapidly expanding, multi-disciplinary team of researchers with expertise in areas including public health and primary care, epidemiology, psychology, sociology, econometrics, statistics, and health services research.