Spotlight: A realistic vision for primary care?

Jenni's (now rather battered) preview copy of the Commission report...

CCHSR Director Prof Martin Roland has been a little busy of late, as Chair of the Primary Care Workforce Commission. Their report has just been launched…so what does it say for the future of primary care?

Delivering on the promise of personalised medicine

There is currently relatively little evidence about where we might obtain the best value from genomic testing, which has the potential to offer patients information about the risk of many different conditions. This has led to individuals involved in genomic research to speculate on what impact an increased use of genomic information will have on …read more

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How many emergency admissions can primary care policies actually prevent? Answer: Not many.

Emergency admissions, as well as the obvious effect on the patient, family and carers, cost a lot. In 2012, they cost the NHS over £12.5 billion, so understandably there is a desire to contain these costs as they may be better spent elsewhere. A good number of these admissions will be unavoidable and the NHS …read more

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Could reducing over-prescribing cause harm?

The lead headline in many media outlets yesterday was how GPs and the 111 system had failed in the sad case of a 1-year old, William, who died of an undiagnosed infection. I was interested to be contacted by a journalist from one paper, who asked me if I had any views on one particular …read more

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Choose and Book should be scrapped and outpatients could be reduced by 50%

There’s nothing like a good bold assertion to start a debate. Martin Roland, our CCHSR co-director, and  Sam Everington, general all-star GP, have made some rather dramatic suggestions and claims in the HSJ this week. They think that the present referral system is an archaic hangover from 1948 which services the needs of neither GPs, …read more

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Non-response bias and quality of care

How are non-response and patient experience scores related? A new CCHSR study has some interesting findings…

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GP triage and the case of NHS 111

A small study can sometimes have a greater than expected impact. Here’s a case in point – over the weekend, unexpected press coverage came our way over the fact that (in the words of the Daily Mail) there is an “NHS 111 farce” as “75% of patients referred to A&E do not actually need to …read more

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Simons Stevens, Chief Executive of the NHS, gives our annual lecture

For a summary of Simon Steven’s lecture, see our Storify. The Chief Executive of the NHS, Stevens last night gave our annual CCHSR lecture. He talked to a packed room of medics, academics, voluntary sector and policy representatives about “future directions” of the NHS – or in fact health care more generally.

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Changing how GPs practice – it really can work

When we produced our report “The Future of Primary Care: Creating Teams for Tomorrow” in the summer (1), the little negative comment there was arose from the idea of larger multi-disciplinary teams, including pharmacists and new roles such as physician associates. GPs worried about what they’d find for these people to do, how they’d train …read more

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Inequalities in patient experience of communication by ethnic group: new evidence

If you have even a passing concern about inequalities in health care, you’re likely to be familiar with the idea that minority ethnic groups tend to report more negative experiences of health care compared to their counterparts in the majority ethnic group. In the UK, this means that people identifying, particularly, as being of South …read more

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Conference report: NAPCRG (North American Primary Care Research Group) Annual Meeting 2015

Landing Page NA15 Banner

What happened in sunny (and rainy) Cancun, Mexico at this year’s big US primary care research conference? Our intrepid Jenni Burt reports back.

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