Spotlight: Dutch and UK adolescents see more alcohol advertising on TV than adults


Recent research conducted at RAND Europe shows that policies attempting to shield children and adolescents from alcohol advertising are ineffective.

European Conference on Health Economics – Dublin, July 2014


Last week saw the European Conference on Health Economics (ECHE) hosted by Trinity College Dublin.  CCHSR’s Ed Wilson was there. International conferences are always a great opportunity to find out what your colleagues are up to in different corners of the world.  ECHE was no exception.  The venue was Trinity College Dublin, home to the beautifully …read more

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Keeping Cochrane reviews up-to-date

cochrane update

The Cochrane Collaboration is an organisation that conducts systematic reviews of healthcare interventions.  The idea is that they are updated periodically (every 2 years) so that they provide the best evidence on what works and what doesn’t. After 21 years of existence, the Cochrane Library now holds over 6000 reviews by some 20,000 volunteer authors.  …read more

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Conference report – SAPC 2014

For those who were unable to make it to Edinburgh for the 43rd annual conference of the Society of Academic Primary Care (9th – 11th July), here is my round-up of highs, lows, and (most importantly) the best and worst céilidh dancers at the conference dinner… As ever with national conferences, SAPC 2014 offered a …read more

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Lost in translation: the impact of medical jargon on patient-centred care

In the days before BuzzFeed, amusing adverts snapped abroad by would-be photojournalists were a staple of email circulars. Who could forget the Chinese KFC ad that translated “finger-lickin’ good” to “eat your fingers off”, or the Italian campaign for “Schweppes toilet water”? Of course, you don’t have to go overseas to be met with mutual …read more

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Writing a paper? Steal some ideas from storytellers

Prince Holding Flowers

Recently, I have spent a lot of time sighing over papers I have been asked to review, usually scribbling furiously in various margins “WHAT IS THE STORY HERE?” In team meetings, we often plan out papers by sketching out “the story” – what it is we want people to understand and take away from this …read more

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PPI, or the art of involving members of the public in health research

As a researcher, a physician, or a reader with an interest in health research, you may have come across the latest trendy acronym: PPI. PPI stands for “Patient and Public Involvement”, and is an umbrella term for anything that has to do with any sort of public participation in research in an advisory role. Therefore …read more

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A letter from Brazil


No not football, but QOF. The Brazilians have introduced a pay for performance scheme for primary care. As a nation they are strikingly positive and ambitious. A decade or so ago they decided they needed universal healthcare coverage, so instituted Primary Care Units which cover geographically defined populations across the whole of Brazil. Each consists …read more

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How can we improve GP access?

A recent study led by researchers from the CCHSR, in collaboration with our Exeter colleagues, has found that poor access to GPs during normal working hours is associated with increased out of hours primary care use. In this study using data from about 567,000 patients in the 2011/12 GP Patient Survey, we found that: Inconvenient …read more

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We’re back…

testcard last! We’ve been having some slight technical problems recently with the website, but now we’re up and running again. More blogs to follow shortly!

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